Wastewater Treatment

Ferrous Chloride FeCL2

Mainly used for water treatment. Its quality is steady. Its inexpensive, It's the best, most suitable economy industrial waste water treatment on the market at present. As proven in hundreds of plants in the US and Canada. As it pertains to odor Control Problems, Ferrous Chloride reduces H2S odors to a harmless iron compound, controlling odors and lessening corrosion. With General Plant Operation Problems, improving the removal of solids and heavy metals and augment the efficiency of digesters with the addition Ferrous Chloride. FeCl2 greatly enhances the fertilizer value of wastewater sludge.

Ferric Chloride

The primary use of ferric chloride is to remove impurities in water and for wastewater treatment. Ferric Chloride Solution is an excellent source of Fe3+ ions where the application demands a strong inorganic cationic metal salt. The applications where Ferric Chloride Solution is often the product of choice. Ferric Chloride in dilute solution forming a precipitate of Ferric Oxide. This precipitate absorbs suspended particles (clay, organic matter, etc) flocculates and carries the absorbed particles to the bottom of the tank and or sewer lines. It also removes sulphides and silica. Generally industrial effluents are either acidic or alkaline and the treatment of such effluents is usually a costly and cumbersome multi-stage operation requiring a number of chemicals. Ferric Chloride because of its flocculating and deodorizing properties can be used directly in a single stage operation replacing the traditional cumbersome process.


NuIron is a custom blend of metal salts designed especially for each customer’s specific needs and specifications. Ferrous chloride is the base product for most of our blends. This can be neutralized and blended to provide a specific solution for each individual customer’s process. NuIron is traditionally blended to a pH of <2. The product can be blended to a non-hazardous pH of 2-10 reducing the cost of hauling a hazardous material. NuIron offers customers effective solutions for the following needs: Odor control our blend is an improvement over traditional ferrous chloride with an added advantage of less free acid. Ph adjustable allows for reduced alkalinity demands on the plant providing a potential cost saving on additional chemicals. Phosphorus Removal accelerated removal rate depending on the blend of product. Non-hazardous available in a custom blended form for those clients unwilling or unable to handle a hazardous product. Corrosion Control, improved over traditional ferrous chloride’s lower Ph.