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Providing reliable transportation and flexible leasing solutions for all your business needs.


About OFS Inc

OFS Inc is a premier transportation and tanker leasing company offering a wide range of dry flatbed semi-truck, tractor, utility box van, and tanker rental and leasing options. With flexible purchase, rent, and lease arrangements, we provide comprehensive trucking solutions, including parking and sales financing. Our diverse fleet of tankers, flatbeds, trucks, tractors, and vans ensures that we meet all your transportation needs, setting us apart as the leading choice in the industry.
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Our Services

Welcome to OFS Inc, where we provide top-quality transportation and tanker leasing services to meet your business needs. From flatbeds, semi-truck tractors, to box van rentals, we have the perfect solution for all your transportation requirements.
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Transportation and Tanker Leasing

Looking for reliable and efficient transportation solutions? OFS Inc provides an extensive range of services, including flatbed semi truck leasing, tractor rentals, and van leasing options to meet your unique business needs.

Flatbed Semi Truck Tractor Utility Box Van Rental

OFS Inc offers a comprehensive range of tanker leasing options, including dry flatbed trucks, semi-truck tractors, and utility box van rentals. Our flexible leasing and financing options make it easy to find the perfect solution for your transportation needs.
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Additional Services


Tanker Leasing

At OFS Inc, we provide comprehensive box van rental solutions for your transport needs. Our box vans are well-maintained, spacious, and equipped with the latest technology, ensuring the safe and secure transport of your goods.

Flatbed Semi Truck Leasing

We offer a reliable and efficient tanker leasing service, providing top-of-the-line vehicles for transporting liquids and gases. Our fleet is well-maintained and equipped to handle a variety of products, ensuring the safe and secure delivery of your cargo.

Box Van Rentals

Experience the convenience of our flatbed semi truck leasing service, tailored to meet your transportation needs. Our versatile fleet of flatbed trucks is ideal for hauling large or oversized items with ease and efficiency, offering you a hassle-free solution for your logistics challenges.

"OFS Inc has been our go-to for all our transportation and tanker leasing needs. Their extensive fleet and professional service have been invaluable to our business. We highly recommend them to anyone in the industry."

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Transportation solutions

Yes, we offer both short-term and long-term leasing options for all our transportation and tanker vehicles.

Flatbed semi truck capabilities

Our flatbed semi trucks are equipped with the latest technology to ensure safe and efficient transportation of goods.

Utility box vans

At OFS Inc, we provide flexible financing options for truck leasing and purchasing, tailored to meet your specific business needs.

Leasing and purchasing options

Our utility box vans are available for both rent and sale, offering versatility and convenience for your transportation requirements.

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